Alias MEDIATION S.A.R.L-S facilitates our transformation and evolutionary transition
Welcome to the dimension 
"I'm taking charge of my life."

S'adresse aux personnes qui ont la volonté, l'engagement et le pouvoir de décision pour aller à la rencontre de compréhensions et de connaissances de soi, pour les mettre au service de son épanouissement individuel et collectif.

Alias MEDIATION , supports, facilitates and accompanies us in a relationship of personalized help and relational proximity, to liberate and embody our deepest being in the service of a better being for ourselves and for all that surrounds us.  

You can wait all day or all your life for perfect conditions to start, In reality it is often the decision, the will and the determination of the beginning that creates the perfect conditions.
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Your accompaniment path

 Your accompaniment path is personalized, co-constructed in relation to your needs, inspirations, intentions and biorhythm.

What do you wish to undertake?