Parcours d'accompagnement des strutures organisationnelles

Vision élargie 

Objectif : Retrouver des connaissances oubliées pour être dans la capacité d'accompagner l'évolution planétaire par l'harmonisation de notre singularité fertile avec tout ce qui nous entoure.

Odoo • Texte et Image
Odoo • Image et Texte

The living at the heart of our companies

Implementation of lively and intuitive processes in the service of an organisation that is adaptive and flexible to external influences.

Quality of life at work, beyond form

Un enjeu majeur pour la pérennité de notre organisation, nos collaborateurs et l'ensemble du rapport relationnel dans son ensemble.


Odoo • Texte et Image
Odoo • Image et Texte

Collective Intelligence

Getting out of obsolete ideologies and practices in the functioning of our collective to give way to mutual aid, cohesion and coherence through the synergy of individual and collective capacities at the service of an accomplished and value-creating organization.

SME/VSE path

Objective: To be in its rightful place in a context of constant redefinition of markets.

Apprendre à développer et intégrer, au sein de votre organisation un état d'esprit de développement pour pouvoir renouveler les processus de créativité et d'innovation adaptés à l'évolution de votre existant et de votre savoir-faire uniques. 

A concrete approach allowing your SME/VSE to become lighter with a view to focusing on your essentials, adapting naturally to permanent transformations and being a central link in the creation of value within your ecosystem.

Odoo • Texte et Image
Odoo • Image et Texte

Emotional Intelligence

Objective: To acquire clarity in the reading of inner information, by understanding the functioning of the emotional system.

 Welcome relational and organizational transformations in a natural, intuitive and spontaneous way.

Efficiency Path

Objective: We lift the veil on our limitations and our intrinsic capacities for a better combined well-being of a better functioning of ourselves.


Odoo • Texte et Image
Odoo • Image et Texte

Work-life balance

Objective: to restore meaning, balance and harmony to your daily life in order to get out of the mechanism of suffering and physical fatigue.


Change of trajectory

Accompaniment towards what we embody in the obvious through the expression of our innate abilities and our authenticity

Odoo • Texte et Image
Odoo • Image et Texte

The Renaissance Journey

Objective : Get out of uniformity to give way to our singularity and authenticity..

Conception and Foundations of the Entrepreneur-Leader of the 21st Century

We have become aware that we are undergoing a profound change and that it is high time to consolidate our ecosystem in order to be able to reap the benefits of our evolution.

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What would you like to live?